Paper Documents and Books

  • Medical records; employee, student and client files; property assessment; etc.
  • Binders, removable binding, loose leaf books
  • Bound books, including fragile books

Trigonix is able to process large volumes of current documents (e.g. for insurance companies, hospitals) using powerful automatic document feeder scanners. We can also scan bound books and fragile documents with specialized scanners.

Plans and Large Format Documents

  • Architectural, engineering and technical drawings
  • Maps, posters, newspapers

Trigonix can scan large format documents, including fragile documents.

Microfilm, Microfiche and Aperture Cards

  • 16 mm and 35 mm rolls of microfilm
  • COM and jacketed microfiche
  • Aperture cards with or without Hollerith codes 

It is becoming increasingly difficult to consult documents archived on film. Trigonix can scan all formats of film to guarantee long-term access.

Photos, Negatives and Slides

  • Printed photographs, postcards
  • Negatives, slides, X-rays
  • Contact sheets, tintypes, glass plate negatives

The world of film photography is characterized by a very wide diversity of recording media that reflects its evolution. Trigonix can bring these works into the digital age with a high level of quality.


  • Textures, materials
  • Machining templates

Do you have a specialized need, or non-standard documents or items to scan? Trigonix could have the solution for you.