Scanning of Other Media

Scanning of pieces of fabric or wood to capture their textures and patterns

Scanning material texture wood fabrics


We can scan pieces of fabric or wood, decorative surfaces, etc. Samples can be from a few centimeters to several meters long.

The resulting scanned images can be used to reproduce textures or patterns for manufacturing or 3D modeling or other applications.

Scanning x-rays negatives

X-Ray Negatives

Our scanners give exceptionally good quality electronic images at a very good price. We can also group many X-ray images into a single image.

We are able to scan X-ray images at high resolution, from small to extra large ones, with or without frames.

Scanning template jigs conversion

Conversion of Complex Templates

Raster images of jigs or templates used in manufacturing processes can be vectorized to determine precise data points.

These precise measurements can be used for numerical control (NC) of computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) production lines.

Scanning work art

Works of art

Trigonix can scan works of art of almost any size for catalogues, reproductions, or simply to have an electronic copy after selling the original.

For paintings, posters or banners, scanning is done with great care, utilizing a non-contact scanning process.

Scanning material model

Unique Documents

Through the years, Trigonix has created or adapted scanners to meet even the most highly specialized scanning needs of our clients. This expertise allows us handle unique and challenging documents.

We can efficiently scan your most difficult non-standard documents.