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Professional document scanning since 1987

Scanning paper document

Document Scanning

Trigonix scans documents of all types and dimensions, ranging from high speed scanning of good quality administrative paper documents to meticulous scanning of historical and fragile archival documents. Scanning can be done in black and white, gray scale or color, reflecting the type or quality of the original document.

Our services include exclusion of irrelevant documents, preparation, (including removal of staples or other metal bindings, unfolding and repair of damaged pages) indexing, and quality control. Scans can be archived on CDs, DVDs or hard disks or transmit them directly to a client’s servers. Data is preserved in standard file formats such as PDF, TIFF, and JPEG.

Trigonix handles any size order, from a single challenging scan to contracts covering tens of millions of documents. Our production methods ensure a high level of quality regardless of volume.

Examples of document types that we have scanned

  • Employee, Supplier or Client Files
  • Medical Records from Hospitals, Dentists, Or Clinics More →
  • School Records, Dissertations, Theses
  • Musical Scores
  • Newspapers, Periodicals and Magazines
  • Bound and Unbound Books More →
  • Photographs
  • Postcards
  • Minutes of Meetings
  • Certified Reports
  • Etc.