Microforms, Photos, Slides and Negatives

Film related material can be scanned in bitonal, gray scale or color, according to the quality of the original media

Scanning microforms photos slides negatives

Scanning Rolls of Microfilm
and Microfiche

Trigonix can scan all microfilm formats. 16 mm and 35 mm rolls of microfilm or microfiche can be scanned in black and white, gray scale or color based on the quality of the original document, at a resolution of up to 400 dots per inch (dpi). Scanned images are indexed and then go through a quality control process. If necessary, we improve the quality of the scanned images by removing background noise, deskewing, reorienting and cropping in order to produce a high quality final product. The scanning software we use is the only one that can guarantee that all images in a roll have been scanned.

Aperture Cards

Aperture cards are scanned in black and white or gray scale, according to the nature of the original document, at a resolution of up to 400 dots per inch (dpi). Indexing is done by having the scanner read the Hollerith codes (perforations on the card) while scanning the image. That information is then transferred to a database. Aperture cards without Hollerith codes, if the information is handwritten or typed on the card, have this data manually entered.


Photos are scanned one by one or in batches using a feeder according to the level of quality desired. Black and white photos are scanned in color mode in order to achieve a higher quality electronic image. Our photo scanners scan to a resolution of up to 1600 dots per inch.

Negatives, Slides and X-rays

Trigonix also has scanners optimized for negatives, slides and x-rays. X-rays are scanned in gray scale. Slides and 35 mm film rolls are scanned in color. The maximum resolution is 2 400 dots per inch.