High Precision Scanning and Vectorization

High precision plans and conversion of engineering drawings

Scanning high precision vectorization

Solutions for Aerospace Manufacturers

Trigonix provides a solution to Aerospace Manufacturers needing to transfer, with a high degree of accuracy, hand-created Master Engineering Drawings to CATIA or other CAD software.

The SHP 1000 high
resolution scanner

Trigonix designed the SHP 1000, an ultra-wide high precision flatbed scanner capable of scanning drawings as well as flat metal parts to a precision of +/- .003 inches (75 microns) across the entire length of the drawing or metal part. It is capable of scanning drawings 57 inches (137 cm) wide by an unlimited length. It operates in a normal office environment, having no need for controlled humidity or temperature.

Once an original drawing has been scanned, the resulting accurate TIFF image file is converted to vector entities which are further converted for the target CAD system. Our quality control procedures ensure that all the files we produce meet the technical requirements of the client. This includes the correct format for the current version of your CAD Software and technical drafting standards related to text and dimensions, geometric entities, shading, etc.