Bound Books and Fragile Documents

Trigonix has the expertise to scan fragile and precious documents

Scanning bound books fragile documents

Bound books and
historical documents

Trigonix offers rare book and historical document scanning services to universities and public libraries, national and corporate archives and museums that need to protect their documents from deterioration or need to make them available on storage media, an intranet, or the web.

These books and records are often fragile and sometimes irreplaceable so they must be scanned with great care. To do this, Trigonix works with special scanners that can scan bound documents like books, manuscripts and pamphlets without removing the binding. Scanning is done with the document face up and the use of a book cradle ensures that book bindings will not be damaged. In addition, Trigonix uses specialized software to remove shadows in the book’s gutter, to mask borders, and to correct for the curve of each page so that scanned text appears without distortion.

Non-contact scanning

We have custom designed non-contact scanning devices capable of handling a wide range of document formats. Our technicians handle documents with care and take all necessary measures to minimize any risk of damage.

Unbound books

Trigonix scans unbound folios or other fragile loose documents. Scanning is either done page by page or in batches depending on the degree of fragility of the materials.