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Trigonix has specialized in document scanning since 1987. A pioneer in this field, our company has developed sufficient breadth and depth of technical experience to scan almost all document types while handling multiple concurrent projects.

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Scanning eduction


Trigonix scans books, memoirs, theses, maps, and administrative or historical documents for schools, libraries, museums and research centers. The scanning of these fragile documents is done using a non-contact scanning process that meets the requirements of organisations that set archival standards.

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Scanning medical charts records


Through its flexible and innovative approach Trigonix is able to optimize the process of transferring patient files to an electronic format while ensuring records are available at all times. As a leader in deployment strategy, scanning and indexing Trigonix integrates with your EMR solutions and brings you expert advice.

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Scanning high precision vectorization


The SHP 1000 flatbed scanner gives a very high level of accuracy. It scans very large plans, machined parts or templates. Once an original drawing has been scanned, the resulting accurate TIFF image file is converted to vector entities and translated to a CATIA Model or other CAD software.

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Scanning business confidentiality security

Business Solutions

Scanning business documents is an effective way to optimize business processes. The security and confidentiality of the original documents and of all the information captured while scanning are critical issues. That is why Trigonix has put in place rigorous security measures that meet recognized security certification criteria.

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Trigonix has the experience and technology to undertake all your scanning projects, whether simple or complex.


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From planning to finalization of your project, Trigonix offers personalized support. We clarify what your best solutions are and ensure that you derive maximum benefit from your scanning project.


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Our work processes and methods comply with ISO 9001:2008 standards. Systematic checking with redundant verification is used at each step of the scanning process.


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Trigonix ensures the privacy of your data through our certifications for security and confidentiality. All aspects of our work benefit from measures implemented to meet these requirements, from documents in our care to scanned images on our servers.


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From the start professionalism and integrity have been core values of Trigonix. These values helped make Trigonix a leader in document scanning and ensure we retain many satisfied customers.

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Fields of Expertise
  • Document scanning and indexing
  • Consultations on best practices for document imaging
  • Sales of scanners and software
  • Installation and configuration of equipment
  • Personnel training
  • Technical support
Experts in Document Scanning Since 1987

Trigonix has the experience and expertise to execute any size of scanning project :

  • Scale from one to several million documents
  • Indexing from simple to complex
  • Scanned documents saved in all standard electronic formats
  • Strict security and confidentiality measures More →
  • Rigorous quality standards More →
  • Personalized support
Preserving the Legal Value of Scanned Documents

Are you familiar with Quebec’s “Bill 161” An Act to establish a legal framework for information technology? Our scanning processes are designed to comply with these laws and thus they protect the legal value of scanned documents. We can provide affidavits certifying that scanned documents are legal reproductions.